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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Greenhouse

July 26, 2023

                If you’re looking to switch things up in your backyard with your greenhouse, this post is for you! Below are some ways you can decorate your new greenhouse and create the space you’ve always wanted.

                One of the best ways to switch things up is to change the plants and flowers that occupy your greenhouse. Consider choosing trailing plants like string of pearls or spider plants that cascade to add some greenery and individuality to the inside of your greenhouse. Changing out pots and planters around can help create a completely different vibe. Switching them out for vibrant colors or neutral colors can showcase your personality as well.  Placing some succulents throughout the greenhouse will fill up space and make it more personalized.

                Seasonal décor is perfect for celebrating the holidays and reflecting on the changing of seasons. Incorporate seasonal wreaths, wind chimes, metal flowers, pumpkins, or potted poinsettias for whatever time of the year it is. For holidays, there are endless options as well. For example, hang up heart shaped garlands and planting roses for Valentine’s Day. For Easter, hide Easter eggs and place fake small nests and bunnies around the greenhouse. This is great because it is customizable to your preferred look and aesthetic and can turn into a fun hobby/tradition.

                To enhance your greenhouse’s landscaping, look into adding a small water fountain or miniature pond nearby. The sound of water running creates a soothing, beautiful, and calming atmosphere to your area. This also attracts birds, bees, and butterflies!

Greenhouse with lots of hanging green plants and colorful flowers sitting inside.