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10 Theme Ideas to Decorate Your Playhouse

July 26, 2023

If you can’t think of any themes to decorate your playhouse, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 different themes you can use to decorate our playhouses and what to add to them!

  1. Fairytale Castle

Create a fairytale castle theme by adding faux stone texture, butterflies, unicorns, and princesses! Pastel colors such as shades of pink, purple, or blue can help add to this.

Fairytale castle at sunset with moon in background.

  1. Pirate Ship

Hang up fishing nets, seashells, and starfish to create an out at sea vibe. Install a ship’s wheel at the front by a window to mimic the appearance of a pirate ship’s deck.

  1. Outer Space

Placing glow in the dark stars and planets will wow your child when they step into their outer space playhouse for the first time at night. Place a mini telescope and astronaut suit in the playhouse for the ultimate outer space experience.

  1. Enchanted Garden

If you love DIY’s and painting, painting some butterflies on the side of the playhouse like our playhouse pictured would really bring this idea to life. Adding miniature gardening tools, canopy/tulle drapes, and flowers will bring this theme to life. Hanging up some fairy lights will make this playhouse dreamy and magical.

  1. Wild West Town

The main part of a wild west town is horses, cowboys, and sheriffs. Put in rustic rocking chairs, hang up desert landscapes, and prop up a cowboy hat. A unique touch could be to install a swinging saloon door at the entrance of the playhouse.

  1. Tropical Paradise

A color palette for this theme is lots of greens, blues, and yellows. Consider adding a palm leaf entrance, bamboo or rattan furniture, and beachy props like buckets, shovels, and seashells.

Palm trees in blue sky with sunshine.

  1. Jungle Safari

Incorporating natural materials will create a jungle effect. This can be adding artificial vines and foliage, animal print materials, and lots of texture.

  1. Candy Land

To decorate for candy land, try creating a sweet pathway of vinyl or foam mats leading to the playhouse entryway. Giant candy props inside and candy garlands will certainly add to this theme. If you’re celebrating a birthday, create a sweet treat display of assorted candies or baked goods.

Assorted candies laying on table

  1. Princess

Creating a royal essence can be done by adding draped curtains, canopies, monogrammed cushions, and princess themed posters. Add some tiaras and a dress up rack to spark their imagination!

  1. Secret Agent Hideout

Turn your playhouse into a top-secret spy headquarters. Paint it in sleek colors, add spy gadgets, maps, disguises, and hide the entrance.