Dear Friend…

There’s something special about a child’s smile. So special, in fact, that several years ago, those very smiles changed my life when I started using my talent for woodworking to build playhouses. As I saw children’s faces light up, again and again, I felt an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that I was playing a small part in helping these families make memories together. And on a much greater scale, I felt as if I had discovered what God wanted me to do with the talents and gifts he had given me.

So in 1999, I created the Little Cottage Company® to create special moments over and over for parents and children everywhere. Throughout the years, we have continued to expand our catalog to include a variety of high-quality structures and poly furniture for adults as well as children.

Our collections of durable, low maintenance poly furniture feature many pieces that encourage spending time outdoors with family and friends. Enjoy a breezy summer afternoon, sit around a bonfire with neighbors on a crisp fall night, listen to the sounds of crickets, or enjoy a night of stargazing with loved ones.

My hope is that Little Cottage Company®️ structure will help you enjoy many special moments with those you love and give you the opportunity to create countless memories that will last a lifetime.


Dan Schlabach | President, Little Cottage Company®

The Schlabach Family

hand craft cottage kits OH
Schlabach Family, Little Cottage Co

Why Little Cottage Co?

Each piece is built with both stylish functionality and supreme comfort in mind and is the perfect place to relax in the space that God created for us all to enjoy. The way I see it, our playhouses, structures, and outdoor furniture provide people just like you with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome activities with family and friends.


Our experienced carpenters and skilled designers take great pride in creating top-quality products, and provide you with a product that will serve your needs and wants for years to come.


Customer service is especially important to our company. We want to make sure that you are 100% pleased with your purchase. We make every effort to provide you with what you need and want.


Our company is always working on new ways to serve your needs. Whether we are designing a new product, searching for top quality raw materials, or developing a new product, we are always looking to better ourselves for you.


Our easy-to-construct Panelized Kits and Precut Kits require only basic carpentry skills and a few basic tools. These kits have been successfully assembled by people all over the world.


Little Cottage Company® was started in 1999, by Dan Schlabach, a father who enjoys putting smiles on his children’s faces.


Build a lifetime of memories. Whether you purchase a playhouse for your children or a garden shed for your hobby, you will enjoy a lifetime of memories.

Memories That Last A Lifetime

As a man of great faith, I believe very strongly that family and friends are some of God’s most powerful gifts. And regardless of any worldly possessions, because of my family and friends, I consider myself to be a very wealthy man. Every moment with them, every moment made, only adds to my wealth and happiness. Yes, God has blessed me in so many ways. Every day, I give thanks and praise for the memories I have with my loved ones, for Jesus Christ who is my personal salvation, and for the promise of the everlasting.


Our cottage kits are designed to bring joy and laughter to all. Whether you want your playhouse or storage shed brought to you already assembled or you look forward to the excitement of building it yourself – Little Cottage Company® has the quality, long-lasting products you want without any hassle.

DIY Kits

Our pre-cut, panelized cottage kits come with everything pre-cut, primed, labeled, and ready to assemble. A detailed instruction manual will also be included. When purchasing a DIY kit the customer provides shingles, drip edge and paint. The customer will also need to purchase a floor kit from us or may purchase these materials locally.

Pre-Built Units

Our pre-built units are just that. They are delivered pre-built, fully assembled, complete with paint, shingles, and floor, ready to move in! Get the same quality and the same memories out of your new playhouse or storage shed without the need to build it yourself.

Thank Yous From Around The World

There’s something special about a child’s smile…it’s REALLY something when the smiles come from across the world. Here are just a few friends of ours that shared their joy with us. We hope to add you to the list!

My 3 girls ADORE their cottage. They have their own flowers to tend and their own child-sized vegetable garden to go along with their own cottage. They spend hours playing house together.


Our whole neighborhood has loved our new playhouse. We absolutely love it and will continue to enjoy many good times in there. Thank you for providing the opportunity for terrific memories at all stages of life!

Terry, Libby, Emma Grace and Slate

We LOVE our playhouse and it keeps getting better all the time. We just finished the interior and we have bunk beds in there now. Thinking of moving in and renting out our big house. We’d do another one if we had the room...

Nancy Rudnik

We won a contest at BackYard Chickens with our story of building it. 🙂 It came out absolutely perfect, thanks so much for all your help!

The Schoop

Thanks for the wonderful playhouse, our kids ages 1½ and 4½ have been loving it!

Kim Kennedy

I imported a playhouse to Switzerland. We have built it up and are delighted about the good quality and how beautiful it looks. Our children Rafael (4 ½) and Adina (3) love the playhouse... We are very proud that we could build this wonderful house for the children. Everybody, including our neighbors and friends, love it...

Barbara Schwendeler

Take a look at our little cottage/treehouse! My husband had just finished building our home (he is a builder) and when the girls requested a treehouse, he was just too exhausted to start from scratch. Little Cottage Co. provided a high-quality, reasonably priced option. Because our kids are little (3 & 8) we chose a reasonable height and built a platform to house the treehouse, which all created a little deck. Every adult that comes over here says the same thing — “wow! Look at that — a tree house! I always wanted a treehouse.” The girls have spent many happy hours playing in there and we’ve hosted more than one sleepover.


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