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What is a D-I-Y Kit?

D-I-Y Kit

*Panelized Wall Sections

*Precut, Preassembled, Primed


Our DIY do-it-yourself playhouse kits are perfect for the DIY handyman or unskilled parents! In addition to saving on your shipping costs(compared to a pre-built playhouse), our precut, unpainted, pre-preprimed, ready-to-assemble kits make it easy to build a memory for your child that will last a lifetime! We have had people tell us how excited the kids were when the parents were assembling the playhouse kit. The kids view the parents as the builder! This creates a lasting memory for the child!

Assemble time will take 2 adults approximately 4-8 hours, depending on the size of the playhouse and skill level. Sara's Victorian Mansion kits will take longer. With the exception of the roof, the kit comes with alphabetized panels which are easily assembled in alphabetical order. All you need to do is fasten the panels with screws! Your kit will come with a link to an online printable manual to guide you step-by-step! What could be easier!

Don't have the time for DIY?

Hire a Handyman!

At Little Cottage Co. we understand you may not have the time to DIY, but that is no reason to miss out on a great value.  Try one of the sites below to help you find a Handyman in your area to construct your quality, easy-to-assemble, DIY kit!!!






Delivery of DIY Playhouse Kits via Common Carrier:

Little Cottage Co. playhouse kits are shipped nationwide via common carrier. When your shipment is expected to be delivered via common carrier, you will be required to have 2 people there to help unload. Your shipment will arrive on a pallet (number of pallets will vary with size of building). The truck driver will help remove the bands and wrapping on the pallet, the 2 people will then be required to unload each panel piece by piece from the truck. However, if you so choose, when you purchase your playhouse you can pay an additional fee to have your playhouse delivered with a lift-gate. When purchasing lift-gate, the truck will pull up to the end of your driveway, and using the lift-gate will simply lift the pallet off the back of the truck and into the end of your driveway. When lift-gate is purchased you will only be required to have 1 person available to sign for the shipment.


In addition to the standard features that come with our easy-to-assemble kits, you also have the option to purchase a Deck and Painted Rail manufactured in our factory. Other options you can purchase for your playhouse include a floor kit (except 10’ x 12’), inside loft, chimney, and extra windows, shutters and flower boxes. Any additional items needed by the customer before assembling their playhouse can be purchased at any local home improvement store.

Customer Provides…


Floor (if playhouse is purchased without floor kit)

Optional three (3) 4’ x 4’ posts under floor (required with deck option)

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